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Global Auto Transportation is the best Auto Transport Company.
With the best & most trustworthy drivers in the vehicle transport industry who go through a comprehensive screening process and will professionally expedite the transport of your car.

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    I want to say thank you for your professional job.

    Posted on 4/10/2015

    To be honest, I worried much about the shipping process because my car was very expensive. But I couldn't drive and I had to ship it. My cousin knowing that I will not be satisfied with the service if it has even a little disadvantage, recommended me to use their services.He was sure I would like their job. He was right.Thank you for your exceptional and professional approach to the customer.

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  • 1 Review
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    Excellent service!

    Posted on 3/1/2015

    I initially set the transport up with another carrier who told me a date and time but was a no show and there was no communication to us the day of. After multiple failed attempts to get information from the other carrier, we called these guys. Elena quickly had a transport aligned and scheduled for us. I would gladly use this service again. During the transport - weather conditions delayed the pickup and delivery a bit - but the driver kept in constant contact with us on his status.

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