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    Don't. Uglier every time paid. Cook will not allow victims to terminate Handler by payment not due. Stalker.

    Posted on 8/13/2019

    This attorney was hired for a minor legal matter so far per fraud illegal loaves and fishes a normal $1500 has cost nearly $12,000 and is seeking doubling again I have had to get bank forensics to prove is in his accounts as paid in full for months stalking damages mileage over $20,000 more damages total over $90,000 in damage maliciously stalking " no harm as if uppity nigger' using privilege information to ruin his clients and sent a PI here also "instead of accepting payments" to tell me to "learn to stay home for Joel" disturbed to begin with his friends in Chicago are worse with per the love of 1950s violent cruelty so I remain a stalking victim for over a year until he trashes my 40 year livelihood, social status, relationships and has cultivated people here to use for stalking doing so 1-2 hours away from this attorney required regulatory and license never be able to do this to clients, cultivating cruelty in general about "how hilarious that is to do to her "due to gender and age humiliatingly me for a year about "as if clerical in my staff" inwriting only to third persons and courts which refuse to take the cancelled checks and are demanding in small claims court limited to $10,000 instead $13,000 to force me to pay until he "wants to settle" stalking them $25,000 ore more, per the PI sent 1-2 hours out here "for to learn to stay home' offensive sex remarks for a years, I urge you if he did this to you, dragging me through forensics they require for small claims $1000K and massive illegal for small claims, he banks at Bank of America. If he does this to you make sure you only use checks you can get cancelled checks from with the account numbers on the back as I did. He keeps lawsuit open when paid so he can't be prosecuted claiming "active lawsuit" that 'works' with every regulation system there is that shuts down until you can 'make me sue me' with the paid small claims. Chicago Bar Association refuses attorney referrals about other attorneys in this illegal horror claiming they can collect 3x excessive fees and 'Not violate rule 1.5" if they "use courts to" why suburbs pull attorney out of being able to do this. Report to AG, IC3, FBI, police, FTC to get that in the record as you will have not one normal regulatory or legal recourse at least forcing him to stop stalking you all for this magic refusing to close the paid in full small claims lawsuit making able to stalk for life. As what Chicago Cook does now including lashing out at if you try to close it and garnish steal cars etc. on fully paid. As does Handler every single time I attempted to pay and end this prior to during and even with motions for amounts now so I could pay and leave and end this. Worse now when I did. Federal dockets disclose this is nothing new with Handler either. turn him in to everybody if he did this to you. And seek creditor attorneys who will protect you from a Handler someday a class action to stop him, his lawsuits, and his power stalking.

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    Extreme Caution with his Billings and Refusal to Comply with Dispute Law/Discovery/Period

    Posted on 1/19/2019

    I used this attorney for a legal matter I was forced to retain someone in 3 days that was hardly possible, and despite what area industry indicates were excessive legal fees, was walking away glad I had been able to find an attorney in 3 days despite having to pay for an attorney to file what I had been Pro Se for 6 months. I had paid the attorney in full prior to the hearing expecting the lawful +/- 10-12 to then get a bill for services ordered terminated and not engaged in, doubling the paid in full that keeps adding another $2000 the attorney has refused to produce any bill for and he claimed he had "not been paid" when his bills weren't due for most of a month yet when I attempted to get a third party to mediate. So he lied and I keep being cost hundreds of dollars a week for now 4 months with the refusal to produce discovery as he filed a lawsuit I wasn't served in when the mediator attempted to mediate well within terms that he still hasn't produced a single document to me in. I obtained only the first 2 pages by filing an legal complaint against the attorney and have to go into the court system to force the court file. Another deliberate tactic outlawed in all 50 states by federal law. I just had to take days off work again to address the same individual as his relationships make him able to and do this to consumers when we pursue as we are supposed to be protected by mandatory dispute mediation which was a $0 cost service to the attorney as well unlike binding arbitration for what was a faked bill that was generated to be within 70 cents of my combined liquid asset accounts he would have known of when I had to make a housing payment out of them. And its $2000 more every time I turn around despite laws against attorneys billing for collections costs in this matter I have the right to sue and seek Rule 137 violation sanctions in that I am looking at having to file as the only legal anything the victims have. Due to his relationships making him able to violate the law to the point that UCC does not allow collecting anything he does in court like this and federal law outlaws this practice with that court. He also obstructed lawsuit for legal fees and continues to targeting being paid in fact not attempting to collect anything and do other than engage in public defamation fraud. Which is continual. At this point I feel its urgent to warn other people that since he did not nothing legally except file what i told him to, for 5x the standard costs, for work not performed in fact, that you can't pay even excessive fees in situations like that because this is so much worse than it would have been better to pursue the filer by other means. My income is being targeted. I was assaulted today by someone lied to with what it still refusing to produce the court file by Handler dated Nov not Jan and may have to charge for stalking. He is also charging $500 an hour for every ploy and estimated now seeking $25,000 for a single IDES hearing.

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