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Posted on 5/15/2013

Response time, Treatment and Service is POOR. Ripping off tenants who do not know CA-Renter Rights on Deposits

Had issue with this company when moving out of a property they had managed and due to issue on property the manager on grounds allowed us to move out before lease ended and without 30 day notice and would not be pentalized. This was all due to infestation problem in walls of apartment. Had to fight for prepaid rent back , and then charges when moving out for window cleaning of $55 (3 windows which were cleaned in inside but building was under repairs and being painted) and carpet of $75. Asked for invoice and sent me generic ones that where not itemized. Were told by email prior to moving out when asked for walk thru, jsut to leave keys and do not worry about carpet whole apartment is being gutted and remodeled. Showed this to try to get carpet fee and window fees back, well gave me the smaller of two back and then after question carpet fee still not refunded back, they first said cleaned carpet, and when sent emails tell me replacing carpet, they then said they were able to save it, so needed to be cleaned, well then I saved you money by not having to replace it, and they didn't see the savings, and kept stating by CIvil Code and by law can charge this. Then as I continued to try to get this refunded back they told me after looking into the invoice they were wrong it was not for carpet cleaning but general cleaning but windows were separate form general cleaning. Again the apartment was being gutted and remodeled and I asked for walk through. So finally told me if file small claim against them go ahead will see you in court to fight it. So I can only imagine how much they get from others who just take this companies treatment when moving out and how policy of no phone calls or emails dealing with deposit refunds, only answer to letters mailed in, and this process takes two weeks to write in and get response. So imagine all response I sent in and waited was months and still ongoing. The treatment since no longer customer of theirs is very poor, and policy and reason for keeping renters money is borderline illegal, possibly illegal and immoral. I just hope more people know to not accept when they are telling you and read up on CA Renters rights, and take pictures and save all correspondence with them. I have documented all emails, letters written in, days tried to call office, and video of problems had on property that forced us to move from it to validate my review and dispute with this company.