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    6657 Gundry Avenue
    Long Beach, CA 90805
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    (310) 227-1791
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    8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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    Maria Castillo (Owner)
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M&C Cleaning Services offers reliable residential and commercial cleaning services. M&C Cleaning Services provides all labor, supervision, material and equipment necessary to assure complete satisfaction to their customers.

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About M and C Cleaning Services

M&C Cleaning Services agrees to provide all labor, supervision, material, and equipment necessary to assure performance of specified cleaning service for the customer. This shall include all services.

Before we start...All of our cleaners are thoroughly trained to perform each cleaning task ...

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    M & C does a splendid job.

    Posted on 11/6/2014

    My experience with other Cleaning Services is that once they start they slack off after awhile. They really don’t do what they are supposed to as stated in the contract: They just rush in and empty trash cans; They don’t dust every day, they let dirt and residue on the walls get out of hand, they don’t even Vacuum every day. Not M & C Cleaning Services.M & C Cleaning Services has been our cleaning service for a few years. M & C cleans a couple of our suites here in Long Beach on a daily basis and also when we have an apartment that needs to be cleaned before showing. M & C does a splendid job. Maria the Owner is a very nice person and pays attention to detail. Just recently she noticed that the tile in our lobby was dingy looking and did something extra to brighten it up. I said wow to myself she never disappoints. I was impressed but not surprised that she took the initiative on her own to do this. Maria checks with me from time to time just to ask how everything going. I would not hesitate to refer M & C Cleaning Services to any one that is looking for a great cleaning service for their residential or commercial properties.

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