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1 complaints against Matt McGinnis Restoration closed in last 3 years.
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1 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
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1 complaints against Matt McGinnis Restoration

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RESPONSE: Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement Amount in Dispute: $13,000.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


Matt was referred by our insurance company to come out and do concrete repair for a pipe that broke in our backyard. We discussed leveling the backyard so that my son could play basketball. He was to demo and lay stamped concrete. The initial grate was not level which caused an additional day of leveling. The decision was made to lay the concrete just before rain. It was laid and stamped the same day. 2 days following his employee returned and assured us that once it was settled it would be beautiful. It has been 5 months and my backyard looks awful. The steps were laid out of code and the stamp looks like someone broke a can of spray paint and threw it all over. There were cracks in the concrete 4 days after the concrete was laid. He assured me it would be fixed and that my husband and I would love our backyard when he was finished. We just received an email that he would not be returning to fix the mess he made. Of course that email came after he cashed the check he showed up to my husbands place of business demanding for his subpar work. We were mistaken to believe he would be a man of his word and fix the disaster he left us with. We are now seeking legal representation and going to the BBB. This has caused so much inconvenience and distress to our life having our entire backyard in our garage and front porch. Resolution Sought Fix the work he did or pay to have a capable contractor to complete it.

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Company Response


I was hired by the insured to write a scope of repairs and negotiate on their behave to get covered the damage to their property and then perform the work the insurance company covered. I settled the claim with the insurance company within a couple weeks of being hired. Art Barajas did not what to go back with the same patio that the insurance company paid for which was a tile floor. I accommodated his request to apply a stamp concrete with a color finish. Standard practice is to wait for the Mortgage company to release funds, but Art assured me his mortgage company would sign the check and send it back to him. So I revised the contract we had to have language that I would start the project with my owe funds and that when he received the check signed back from the mortgage he would pay me that check in full ( $7,751.65 ). I started the project and his mortgage company did not sign the check and send it back, they wanted to inspect at time of completion before releasing the funds. At that time I collected $2500 dollars from Art and then proceed to finish the project with my owe funds. This project was approved by the insurance company for $13,230.78. So I completed a 13k project with only $2500 from the insured. At time of pouring the concrete it rained that evening and the staining of the concrete was compromised . I let Art now I would find a vendor to fix the problem and did not invoice him for the $7,751.65. The concrete needed 30 days to cure and I was looking for a specialized vendor to fix the staining project. I brought two vendors on sight and the second vendor had 40 years experience in this field. The meeting with the second vendor happened on July 13, and went well. At the end of the meeting I let Art know he needed to choose a color and then I would get the project scheduled. He agreed and said he would pick out a color in the next week and get back to me. Art said he would be out of town til 17th of July. At this point in time Art had the money from the mortgage company for over 30 days and never offered to pay for the work completed as per our contract. I left a voice mail on July 23 and sent a txt regarding color selection. On July 24, I sent Art the invoice for the payment due of $7,751.65 and asked about the color selection. Art responed via email and let me know he choose the color the staining vendor suggested along with date available to get the job completed around his vacation schedule; and did not mention anything about payment. On July 27 I sent Art a material selection form to fill out and let him know when he returned from vacation on August 16 we can complete the project and also asked about the payment due. On July 30, I sent Art a txt about collecting payment. On August 1, left Art a voicemail regarding collection payment. I never heard back from Art and so I visited him at work on August 5th before he left on vacation to collect payment. He gave me nothing but excuses and said he would get payment to me. I insisted on payment the next day and he said he would get back to me. On August 6, I txt him demanding payment. He txt me back and said send a credit card authorization. I sent him one and he returned the authorization following day with only 4k authorized ( outstanding balance of $ 3,751.65 ). When Art returned from Vacation he emailed me on August 18th, asking if I had contacted Mike (staining vendor) to schedule the project. August 19th, I let Art know that I would not be moving forward until his outstanding balance was paid, he was in breach of contract. Art sent back an email stating " Good afternoon. I'll remit payment the day Mike starts. Or, if this is not agreeable then I will contact Mike myself to do the work and subtract his cost from the balance due. Let me know how you would like to proceed." I respond via email " I believe there is some confusion about the project total and your payment schedule according to our contract. Your total rebuild from the insurance company to replace the patio is $13,230.78. You have paid me $6500 as of today. The remaining balance for the project as of today is $6,730.78. Your outstanding balance per the last invoice is $ 3,751.65. At the completion of the project you will sign a completion form that will be sent to the insurance company and they will release the final payment $ 2,979.13 which will be used to completion our contract. This should clear up any confusion. Let me know how you will be remitting the payment for the outstanding balance. Never heard back from Art On August 30, I visited Art at work at 12pm but he was not there On September 6th Visited Art at work for the 3rd time and spoke to him about paying his bill. He said he would drop of a check to my office over the weekend and he did At this point there is $2,979.13 remaining from the insurance company that Art can finish the job himself as he threatened in t

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