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Posted on 12/15/2020

Laid off

I reached out to Merchant Services, in an attempt to work things out before things progressed to collections. I lost my job due to COVID, just like everyone else right now I am struggling. I have to pay rent, I have car payments behind. I of course know I owe this money and wanted to come to some kind of fair middle ground with Merchant services. I received a severance from my company, and wanted to use that to pay this loan and see if they would accept that. They of course will not telling me, I am only offering 50% of the loan when in fact that is not the case because if I were to pay the loan off early they would not collect on the full balance as it is. If you look at the amount offered and what is already paid I offered 85% of the loan. I was told they do not settle on current accounts. Only past due, here I was trying to handle things responsibly before they got to collections. But they don't work with you until it reaches collections? Then I'm told they can defer a few months of payments and add them to the end of the loan, who does that help? I will still have to figure out how to make the payments after I get caught up on other bills. AND they will be making more money off me because the loan will go one for longer and they will get more interest. At the end they said they couldn't help me, and I told them I guess they could see if they get more money in collections than what I was offering to pay them. It really doesn't seem like they care about their clients, and the hardships they may be facing. Especially the ones who are still trying to do right by their loan and meet them half way.

Jarod Y

Business responded on 12/15/2020

Merchants Acceptance Corp. is sympathetic to all of their consumers affected by the pandemic. We have several programs to assist consumers with deferred payments and in some cases settlements. This consumer did make a settlement offer that was $1,000 less than the current amount due on the account and we did not accept the offer. The balance is due and owing from the consumer and we are willing to take a large payment and refinance the remaining amount to lower the monthly payment but we can not forgive the balance. Please not this consumer utilized our financing for a purchase made in July 2020 at the height of the pandemic and was well aware of the risks associated with her employer due to the pandemic. Feel free to contact me directly at 253-249-2517 to discuss the refinance or deferred payment options we have available to you.

Posted on 11/3/2020

I cannot afford the late charges and company can care less.

During the beginning everything seemed okay. After the pandemic amid COVID-19, I lost my job and I have three children to care for. I have to pay rent. I do pay my bill each month but it is late, I cannot afford the late charges and company can care less. I hate the fact this company continues to add the late fees and does not care about the circumstances that follows. Honestly, my family and I cannot live in the Rainbow. I am trying my best not to become homeless or children going hungry. This product is the last thing on my mind. I regret purchasing this product and I will not be recommending this to anyone because they are a heartless company and does not care about the customers, in my opinion. I cannot wait to get them off my back. I hate feeling this way but at least I am paying the bill but just not the late fees. I am unemployed and still making the efforts and they are not meeting me half way.

Jarod Y

Business responded on 12/15/2020

Please contact me directly so I can locate your account and attempt to assist, my direct line is 253-249-2517. I'm sure we can help out but I need to locate your account first. Thanks. Jarod Yoder Director of Business Operations