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Posted on 10/4/2019

Perhaps their promises for other "free" services are more multitudinous.

I am attempting to find out information regarding ZKYPE video-chat services that are advertised as completely free. Each and every time I offer my questions regarding this quire, however, the "expert technician" with "hundreds of satisfied customers" proudly displayed by his and her photos; draws me deeper into the rabbit hole and the, ultimately states that the service is "free" and for the price of "just $1" all shall be made clear to me. The very nest pane, however, is a bank form that requires all of my personal banking identification information and confidential routing number. Now, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but this sure looks like a bait and switch operation to lure the unsuspecting into a full scale Identity theft assault. If someone provides their personal information, bank routing information, account numbers and passwords on "merely a $1" form; that victim might not be aware that they have just given away the keys to the kingdom. This is asking to the trap of "Oh come here near the van, little girl, just for a minute, I want to show you a quite little puppy. I could very well be absolutely wrong, but I shall sleep better knowing that I have exercised my civic duties and appealed to authority for relief. First check it out to verify my claim and then effect a "sting" in order to gain admissible evidence" and then by the way, if you search deeper into this matter you will find, amongst their FAQ comments such as "I was a refund."

Posted on 12/6/2018

Figure out that life is more than money.

I purchased a Xbox one x for my sons Christmas. I could not purchase it from Microsoft because I can't work because I am a disabled Afghanistan vet. I purchased it from where I could afford to get it. I then tried to purchase a extended warranty from Microsoft but they would not sell me one since I had not spent the extra money to purchase it from them. It seems to me that the only thing this company is about is just money. I have sympathy for them and those like them. Life is more than material things. The only thing you will take from this rock is your Love and Memories.