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    1912 Candler Road
    Decatur, GA 30032-4220
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This company's nature of business is a gas station.

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    I looked at the receipt and it shows I pumped 93 instead of grade 87.

    Posted on 12/2/2019

    I went to purchase gas and my car requires grade 87. I paid the cashier 30.00. I go outside select grade 87 and once I finished pumping my gas oddly the pump asked if I want a receipt this is not normal when you pay cash inside the store. It never asked before and I pay cash all the time at this station. I looked at the receipt and it shows I pumped 93. I was not pre occupied, I just purchased the car 2 months ago 2019 Cadenza brand new and I know I pressed 87. I went into the store and informed the clerk who claims there's no number for corporate and she gave me a random number stating it belongs to Rick the owner. I called left message. I once went and the store have two prices for gas (cash or card) using cash is cheaper. I paid cash and the cashier set it at card price I did inform him that I paid cash. This is why I am very conscience of looking at the pump before I pump gas. I will also have the State of Georgia look into this as well because they regulates this gas station. I would like them to know they cannot be dishonest with people. They dishonesty will result in serious consequences. Individuals work hard for their money.

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