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National Tax Debt

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251 East Imperial Highway, Suite 441
Fullerton, CA 92835
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Posted on 2/13/2017

No response from company

I had a case with this company and it ended up with us on a payment plan, 2 years later. Nothing was reduced at all. Did my taxes with them for 2 years. Now that my case is closed and considered resolved they will not return my phone calls. I'm trying to find out if they will do my taxes since they have done it for the past 2 years and left voicemail for Leslie Flores and still have not heard back. On a previous phone call to her VM I needed to know what form number I had to list on the check that I had to send to the IRS for a payment and that call was never made back to me. These were just simple questions that I needed an answer to and they will not take the time to make that call. I gave them 2 years of my time and and money, you would think they could at least just answer my questions. Very unprofessional. And as another person had mentioned in a review they are not in a rush to reply to you whether it be by phone or email......this is true. For a person going through all this it can be very stressful, scary and nerve wrecking and this company just blows it off like its nothing. Not compassionate or caring to your concerns about the process. Go check out other companies that can assist you with an offer and compromise situation. Jade E.

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National Tax Debt is providing tax negotiation services, liens, audits, levies, settlements, wage garnishment, offer in compromise and much more.

Primary Contact: Customer Service
Business Started: 6/1/2006
About National Tax Debt

Tax debt is a major problem for millions of American taxpayers every year, putting an almost unbearable burden on the shoulders of hardworking individuals and business owners all over the country. Finding tax debt relief can be difficult without the help of expert tax attorneys and accounting professionals who have a clear understanding of the law, and how best to navigate the complexities of the US tax system. s premier full service tax firm, we at National Tax Relief Center are dedicated to providing clients expert IRS tax help in order to find the most effective solutions to relieve tax debt, and minimize the legal consequences of delinquent tax liabilities. Our tax lawyers have extensive experience in providing tax debt help to individuals and businesses that are having trouble with the IRS. We are dedicated to providing the best tax debt relief service possible. Not only can we help you remove IRS liens, levies and/or garnishments, we may even be able to help you reduce your overall tax liability. The IRS is currently accepting settlements of back taxes owed for qualified persons, and allowing the people with delinquent tax liabilities a ONE-TIME opportunity to settle their debt for good. This presents an excellent opportunity to resolve your tax problems, and help you rebuild your credit and finances towards a more secure future. Our tax attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through the various legal processes involved in clearing your tax debt, and can provide you with more legal options for IRS tax help. National Tax Debt Relief's tax lawyers can help you review all your financial records to determine the accuracy of past returns, and work with the IRS to complete any missing tax information. We can also negotiate with the IRS to resolve your tax debt problems.

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Typically these companies advertise that they can settle tax related obligations for less than the amount owed. Many represent that they have attorneys or certified public accountants on staff that will work on your behalf to resolve these issues.

In some cases, the company will calculate what they believe will be the amount you save by utilizing their services. Generally the fee they charge will be based on the projected savings, while others charge a flat rate of several thousand dollars. Our complaint experience on many of these firms indicates that they exaggerate or misrepresent their ability and expertise in effecting settlements and often promise much more than they can deliver. They generally attribute their inability to obtain settlements on the fact that the customer provided inaccurate or incomplete information. None of the firms guarantee that anyone will be able to obtain a settlement of their tax debt.

We urge caution. Many taxpayers have been left with the original tax debt, along with additional interest and penalties.

If you have tax debt with the IRS, we suggest you first seek the advice of an IRS enrolled agent, CPA, or a tax attorney. You may also consult with the IRS to determine if you would qualify to file for an offer in compromise, or some other type of payment arrangement. To learn about the IRS’s rules for an offer in compromise, visit

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