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This company's business provides financial services.

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    Represent themselves as Attorneys and Make Promises they cannot keep. Charge As if they are lawyers

    Posted on 1/10/2017

    Hired this company thinking they were legitimate lawyers especially since they charged us $1040 to help us with responding to an Eviction notice.

    We were being evicted form our home being that we had to adopt 2 family member (minors) due to my husbands mother's unexpected death. We informed our landlords of the additional members in the home hoping they would understand and give us the opportunity to move and release us from our Lease. Unfortunately they were not understanding and started the eviction process due to us having 2 additional members in the home and breaking our Lease agreement.

    All this company did was respond to the Initial court order. Once we arrived to our Trial date nobody was sent to help represent us. We were left fighting our landlord and her attorney with absolutely NO help at all. Needless to say we lost our case due to us not being properly represented, nor prepared. The judge actually pulled us aside and advised us to file a lawsuit against this company as we had paid for services and they are illegitimately representing themselves as Attorneys when they are not. We are currently in the process. However now we are left with 3 weeks to move out of the property and find a new home with 2 new children.

    We lost all this money, and are now in an even MORE STRESSFUL situation.

    BEWARE they represent themselves as Attorneys and charge Attorney prices but are only Paralegals. Please hire a legitimate Lawyer to help during these stressful times.

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