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This company's business is appliance service and repair.

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    Impossible to schedule installation

    Posted on 12/6/2017

    Costco partnered with this company to install an appliance purchased there. After missing multiple days of work on promised installs, I finally cancelled the order. Difficult to work with, I would not recommend this company.

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  • 1 Review
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    very slow for submission of info and scheduling appointments

    Posted on 2/16/2017

    _Thurs Jan 19: chose a microwave/oven combo at Homedepot, was informed Pacific West had to come out to my house and make a measurement to ensure I buy the right appliance. OK.
    _Mon Jan 23: received Pacific West phone call to make an appointment for measurement on Jan 26.
    _Thurs Jan 26: measurement made showed I made the right choice for appliance, I paid for the appliance at Homedepot and scheduled for delivery on Feb 2.
    _Mon Jan 30: I decided to not wait around like before, phoned Pacific West direct to check on installation date and was told that measurement hadn't been submitted as pre-requisite for installation appointment.
    _Tues Jan 31: I phoned both Homedepot and Pacific West, measurement still not submitted.
    _Thurs Feb 2: appliance is delivered. I phoned both Homedepot and Pacific West, measurement still not submitted.
    _Fri Feb 3: ditto as above.
    _Tues Feb 7: Pacific West phoned to schedule installation for Fri Feb 10.
    _Fri Feb 10: Pacific West installed appliance using 30min.

    From Jan 19 to Feb 10 I was without this kitchen appliance. The process is too long and slow, long waits for phone calls to schedule appointments especially the measurement submission should only take a click of the finger. The installation was so fast it should not have been delayed so long. Please clean up the process, thanks!

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