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Rivera Medical Company is a company specializing in the sale of various medical supplies.

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    Posted on 3/21/2014

    Their number now is 888-965-8850 and use AMPEX MEDICAL SUPPLIES to continue their scamming
    www.ampexmedicalsupplies.com and riveramedicalcompany.com



    Ampex Medical Supplies aka Rivera Medical Company aka Allied Medical Co aka Corbin Supply aka Advanced Medical Co aka Superior Medical Co were never registered as a legit business in the state of Texas nor in California where both offices are located in.
    Company sells medical & latex gloves. They contact the business office at the Care Centers. They inform the business office that they are sending a shipment of free gloves for possible future procurement. The business office then receives an invoice three weeks later. On average each invoice is for $500 or more, the invoice description is: 2 boxes med vinyl powderfree gloves.
    They do business by several names. The remit addresses are UPS Stores in Texas. This vendor is known by many names: Ampex Medical, Rivera Medical, Advanced Medical & Superior Medical these are all DBA's. The corporation name is Falcon International Industries EIN#45-5613394. Mike Allen (Michael A Dirksen) & Mike Adams (Michael A. Dirksen), Doug Bishop (Michael E Arnold) Mike Brown (Michael E Arnold). William Baxter (Michael E Arnold) make the sales calls and collection calls. They are very aggressive when trying to collect on the invoice. They've cursed at my Director of Nursing at three of our care centers. Doug Bishop left me a voice mail on 07/30/12 he used profanity and called me profane names. They call and scream obscenities over the phone and hang up. As I type up this complaint I've already received three calls from Mike Allen and one voice mail.
    Both criminals who are operating these scams DO NOT even have a license in California nor in Texas to operate all of these business names they've used - AMPEX MEDICAL SUPPLIES, RIVERA MEDICAL COMPANY, ALLIED MEDICAL CO, CORBIN SUPPLY, ADVANCED MEDICAL CO, SUPERIOR MEDICAL CO...which are all scams.

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    Rivera Medical Company, Ampex Medical company/supplies, Falcon International ind are scam business

    Posted on 12/31/2013

    Michael Emoreth Arnold is a scammer and his partners name is Michael Alan Dirksen. They both run a scam using several business names, they have many different addresses using PO Box addresses at UPS stores at several different locations in Houston and Katy Texas. They've changed their phone number at least 30 times in the last 8 years and they never use their real names. They were sued in late 2012 for trademark infringement and have been sued a few other times as well. They resort to cussing out innocent people at facility they call, demanding payment and even threaten if payment is not sent to the two scammers. The scammers have several ways they scam medical facilities, jails, prisons, and private doctor offices...they will call the facility and fish for information, and say they are sending the remainder of an order the facility placed, which is all a lie. Scammers will also say, they are sending a free box of complimentary exam gloves along with free candy, but we all know nothing is free. A few days later the facility will receive an invoice charging 5 times the amount of what those exam gloves cost. Both scammers will not talk to authorized personnel in charge of ordering medical supplies, instead, the scammers will call the shipping/receiving clerk, receptionist, basically anyone who sounds like easy prey in order to move forward with their scam. After they get the clerk to provide a ship to address and say they are shipping the remainder of an order placed. then ask for a ship to address. The clerk believes their lies and provides the address. Scammers ship several cases of exam gloves then send invoices with again, 5 - 10 times the cost of these gloves. On the invoice it will clearly state the facility cannot return any of the gloves after 30 days. After facilities accounts payable dept receives the scammers bogus invoice they will call the scammers to question the invoice but their calls go unanswered and messages ignored. What the scammers are really doing is waiting for the 30 day so they can call and harass each facility they did this to and demand payment. The medical facilities and private doctor offices never call to order anything from these two criminals , it's the criminals who make unsolicited calls and use several of their scamming techniques to rip them off.

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