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    I want her to leave me alone and let me shop in peace.

    Posted on 11/8/2019

    I went into Roses and began to shop. I was approached by the manager Virginia she originally told me that I was banned from the store for shoplifting and a later date and time my daughter spoke with the same manager to get a better understanding and she told her that I was banned because I was asking their costumers for money. I was short approximately 50 cents and asked people whom I knew for the change. I have since then been back in the store to shop, place layaways, etc. Virginia since then have seen me in the store, other employees have seen me as well because they have to ring up my items and do paperwork for layaways. Yesterday 11/6/19 she seen me and a lot of people were there shopping and she caused a scene and embarrassed me. I have not been submitted any type of paperwork stating that I was banned from the store my daughter has contacted the district manager and he seems to be okay with the things that has taken place. I'm being harassed by her and I don't know what else to do. She's the only person that say something to me in regards to coming in the store the other employees don't say anything it's just Virginia in whom I'm being targeted by. I'm being harassed and I need answers..

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