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    This company is a Medicaid/Medicare Fraud

    Posted on 6/30/2018

    I believe this business is committing fraud to the government insurers & beneficiaries & taxpayers. I called to join a research trial on depression" here they asked me all the questions possible before I showed up in person to the appointment, the transportation they sent was late everytime. Once I showed up they disqualified me of the depressiona trial because they said my diagnosis was not current" which I made clear in phone interviews before they asked me to show up, the person who interviewed me also suggested me of different trials they have"(even when I advised them I only had depression)..the people who were enrolled in the trials advised me you can join any trial and "you dont need a legal diagnosis". Everything everybody says and does in is inconsistent!..knowing that the healthcare in Florida has high rates of corruption and fraud ,I think if the FBI/Florida State Healthcare Attorney really check, they will find fraud.

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  • 1 Review
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    . Transportation showed up randomly, later than my scheduled appointment. Driver informed me no appointment necessary.

    Posted on 6/12/2018

    Two weeks ago, I inquired about volunteering for clinical trial. Was told to come in, after phone screening. Transportation showed up randomly, later than my scheduled appointment. Driver informed me no appointment necessary. Called into office for further questions, one of which disqualified me from the study. Don't know why they didn't question me fully, during a phone call. They were out of $10 Walmart gift cards, which were advertised as payment for visit. Office manager gave me $5 cash. Driver went an hour South, so had to wait 90 minutes for pickup to get home. I called today to inquire about participating in different study, but was turned down because they only wanted new clients. When I asked why, I was told, "That's just a rule we have to follow." Asked for phone call from office manager. Did not get one. Improve all areas of the process. My entire experience was unprofessional. I would like to hear what changes have been made, as a result of this complaint

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