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4016 Louisiana Blvd NorthEast
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Posted on 1/14/2020

I am handicapped and in a wheelchair, due to my age and appearance I am often followed and treated unfairly

I am handicapped and in a wheelchair, due to my age and appearance I am often followed and treated unfairly. I was in the checkout line paying for my items when an associate accused me of sitting on cat food I dont have a cat and was paying for what I had. A rude security guard came over and started trying to stick his hands in my personal belongings and telling me to stand up it is physically impossible for me to stand, he then said he wanted my husband to pick me up I wasn't stealing cat food! Another manager came over at this point there were 3 associates standing around my husband and I yelling at us attacking us saying they could "see" a bag of cat food underneath me I also suffer from severe ptsd anxiety and explosive disorder my husband saw I was starting to have a panic attack put our purchase down and we tried to leave, the manager put his foot under my chair and began screaming that I was running over his foot I weigh 95lbs and my husband had lifted my chair to avoid the managers foot. Then all 3 of them were screaming after us "Haha you are BANNED YOURE BANNED" I was ATTACKED my mental state was put in jeopardy and one of the few places I'm comfortable at just set back my social anxiety. I always go to that store *nightly and the 3 other employees that usually work KNOW ME they know I'm not a thief I feel that this was handled extremely unprofessionally and I am devastated and very disappointed I didn't do anything wrong and this behavior makes me sad. I would appreciate an apology I didn't do anything wrong, this security guard has had an issue with me since he started about a month ago