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Posted on 5/22/2020

Bca was a big help in helping me resolve my issue with synchrony bank

Bca was a big help in helping me resolve my issue with synchrony bank

Posted on 4/21/2020

no matter how good of a customer you are and how many cards you have with them for years, they just close all your accounts

i thought i had an excellent relationship with Synchrony bank ,within 2 years i established 16 accounts and my spouse had 9 accounts with them,mostly high limit visa-mastercards from ebay-paypal-amazon-sam's club-rakuten visa-at home MC,and the list goes on.out of the blue when i tried paying for an item on feb 7th,2020 by ebay mastercard,it was rejected,came home and called their toll free number for ebay,the rep could not believe it after i told them that i had 16 accounts in good standing with 1% total utilization and i was either paying off the balances earlier they were due or pay more than min. payment at least couple weeks they were due.and using their own advise asked for CLIs.and they were raised to $83000 total in mostly credit cards and care credit-lowe's,paypal credit,etc,,i was told that i'll be receiving a letter within 10 days.i just told her to talk to her mgr. and read the letter over the phone,so she said the reason is that based on their findings YOU ARE A HIGH RISK,and while she was reading the letter i had read about synchrony closing people accounts for no reason whatsoever but i thought they are snow balling it and could never believe a bank do such thing and get away with it.while on my desk top pc waiting for ebay MC. mgr,i checked my other accounts and on top of the page i saw this notice "This account has been closed. No further purchases will be allowed. Continue to make payments until your balance is paid in full."in dec 2019 they just pre-approved me for 2 rakuten cards,one signature visa and one platinum,and in jan 2020 they approved me for the chevron-visa card and 4 days prior closing all my 16 accounts they raised the limit on my sam's club MC from $2300 to $7000 it's extremely damaging losing 16 cards with high limits and having them for 2 years i was very lucky that i had other credit cards with high credit line and 1% utilization but still my score dropped from 777 to 747,and this is a vantage 3 fico score model that Transunion uses. synchrony only goes through Transunion for all hard pulls.i followed up but their customer service reps they have,can't answer very basic questions and put you on hold to get a mgr.i let this go,and i had a feeling that my spouse's accounts are going to be next,just 5 days ago they closed her 9 accounts exceeding $53000 in credit.i noticed they had closed thousands of accounts by reading the complaints online a few days before or after they had closed is a message from Comenity bank on top of their page " COVID-19 Update From 24/7 account management online to hardship assistance, we've got you covered during the COVID-19 pandemic." and almost all other banks realize that people have a hard time and offer help,what synchrony did to us after 2 years is non heard of,right before the pandemic and right after the day that government announced they are going to lift the restrictions,this bank closed thousands and thousands of accounts in good standing,you be the judge.