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Toshiba America Information Systems leads the way in product innovation. Our product line consists of laptops, camcorders, TV's, notebooks, Blu-ray, DVD players, and much more. Check our site for back-to-school specials.

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    greg peck bought a new toshiba p755

    Posted on 3/26/2013

    my computer laptop worked great for 5 months then the unit started to stop charging i would unplug and replug the charger it would start charging. i called toshiba they said you have physical damage sorry not covered .well a long story short i complained to the bbb its the motherboard that went bad . nobody will help me i am out the money i paid for a brand new laptop and quickbooks i installed i borrowed the money to get it im still paying for it i think its really sad they could at least give me a motherboard they cost 215.00 i cant see paying that if it goes bad what are my odds of getting that replaced this makes me sick i work very hard and i paid for a warranty i didnt get the big guy promises if i spend the money he will garentee the product ,then when it breaks they bully you with big words out of the scope of the warranty congratulations toshiba you got a hard working mans money and left him with a broke computer .you choose to do the wrong thing money over honor .i wont fight you ill just say thanks im really hurting struggling to make ends meet and you hurt me worse i would have been happy with the part i needed mailed to me i cant afford to fix this i feel like just giving up whats the point you have to deal with this kind of stuff everyday .why is money and profit more important i was taught if you are not selfish you will allways have more guess thats not their moto i forgive you .i have to cant stay mad got to get back up and go on with life .thanks greg peck.

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