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Tri County Drugs Screening complaints

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Manchester, TN 37355
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1 complaints against Tri County Drugs Screening closed in last 3 years.
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1 complaints against Tri County Drugs Screening

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Customer Complaint


Employer was told that I refused a drug screening even though I submitted 2 samples. Resolution Sought Email my ex employer and admit to their failures to tell the complete truth.

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Company Response


Donor came into our office for a pre-employment drug screen. Donor submitted approx 160cc of urine with no temperature. I asked donor to drink water and submit another specimen. On the second specimen donor submitted approx 10 cc of urine that did not reach the temperature strip. I asked donor to submit another specimen. Donor went to the lobby to drink water. Donor came up to the window and said she had permission from the company to leave and retest on another day. Donor left the premises.

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Customer Rebuttal


The company's statement isn't completely true. I have emails from the owners wife that states she was told my urine was too warm. I was never told I need to submit to a 3 sample. Even when I asked what was next neither Kelvin or Tanya said anything about me not leaving. I was told I needed to make sure I came back before the ran out of cups. When I asked what was next Kelvin stated " all we do is bag it and tag it". But that's not what the response to the complaint states. I would be more than happy to forward you the communication between myself and the owners wife. This so called drug screening facility is a complete joke. They are definitely unethical in my opinion and would lie to protect each other. No one at the company is willing to take ownership of the mistake regarding the instructions for the drug screening. How was I to know I needed to provide numerous urine samples? I've always only needed to produce one. I've never had a problem with any drug screening. My opinion is that Tanya was offended when I stated something could be wrong with the temperature strip. Her attitude and demeanor changed. Kelvin even suggested older adults come in there all the time trying to cheat

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Company Final Response


Why would I set her back in the lobby for 3rd time if I didn't explain to her that we needed another sample. She knew what was going on. She is the one who called and her work came back up to window and told me & Kelvin she had gotten permission to come back so at that point why would I try to force her to stay. She needs to take this up with whoever she spoke to and got approved to come back or maybe she is the one who is doing the lying I doubt anyone told her she could come back or they would be getting all this grief from her.

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