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Kim’s Catch: Cash Now Offer

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Here’s the catch:  Diabetes is a growing epidemic that affects individuals worldwide. Not only does this chronic disease wreak havoc on the body, diabetic care can be expensive. Medicines, doctor visits, diet, and supplies add up. To recover some of the costs, some have turned to selling unused test strips for extra cash.

Cash Now Offer advertises they pay top dollar for diabetic testing supplies with same-day payment options. They offer free shipping and will even mail a kit to send your supplies for fast payment. They  claim customer service is available by phone 7 days a week and calls are returned promptly in the rare instance customers are unable to get through on their first call. Sounds easy enough, right?

Typically, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Multiple complaints allege once sellers mail their supplies to Cash Now Offer, they don’t receive anything but excuses and promises of payment. Several complainants claim they contact the company only to be told they are behind on processing due to the holidays or some other reason. Cash Now Offer promises payment will be made as they process each shipment in the order it was received. The same-day, short turnaround payment time drags on with days turning into weeks and months.

That 7 day a week customer service that is promised on the website is nowhere to be found, with calls going to an answering machine and not returned. Emails and letters to the company are left unanswered. The so-called honest and professional business does not even bother to respond to formal complaints filed with Business Consumer Alliance and other outlets.

In some cases, individuals have desperately waited for payment and explained to Cash Now Offer that the promised money is needed to care for everyday expenses. One complaint alleges, “They caused me to overdraw my bank account because I had to pay on my electric bill. I told them I had to have the money to pay and they still won’t pay me, so that cost me money. They don't care.” So much for Cash Now Offer’s “guarantee” that payment will be sent out within 24 hours of receipt of the package.

Cash Now Offer has since posted a message on their website from the owner, Jonathan Avila, apologizing for payment delays and assuring that they are diligently working on paying sellers. All the while, they still advertise they buy testing strips and make payment within 24 hours. Many have labeled the company a scam. They have an F rating with BCA.

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Kim’s Advice:  It is illegal to sell test strips procured through Medicare, Medicaid, or other government-funded health care program. Furthermore, selling test strips may net you some extra cash, but choosing the wrong dealer may end up stinging you in the end.

Before selling your supplies, do a search of dealers that offer to purchase the items. Compare the companies and consider if the offer is legitimate or if it’s a sham. Start by getting a reputation report from BCA to see if the company has complaints and to check verified reviews. Avoid companies that:

  • Offer lowball prices for supplies.
  • Promise to pay unrealistic high prices to buy supplies.
  • Do not provide verifiable contact information for their business. Be cautious if the only address is a postal box. Most scams do not have a physical location. Also, avoid businesses that only communicate by email.

If you decide to sell your supplies, it is good advice to purchase postal insurance if you’re shipping an expensive package. In addition, consider purchasing signature confirmation when shipping items as an added protection.

Have you sold medical supplies for extra cash to a business? If so, I’d like to hear about your experience. Leave a comment or email me with the details.

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